Shunga Scroll - Reprint from the early 19th century. 137" long

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Shunga-Scroll. Erotica Raritäten-Presse I. Limited and numbered to 200 copies. Roll dim.rolled up: 2.2 x 11.5 inches (5.5 cm x 29.5cm). Rolled out 137 x 11.5 inches (350 x 29.5cm). With certificate, in an elegant storage box (6 x 6 x 31 cm), This Shunga scroll is not a series of colored woodcuts, but a colorful and detailed original work (painting) on silk, a one-off. The individual scenes were seamlessly mounted on a long paper carrier web for this roll. For the first time and in a limited edition of only 200 numbered copies worldwide, with a certificate and in an exclusive design in a noble storage box. Erotic sailor's yarn from the early 19th century - a unique shunga roll from around 1800. Shunga is the Japanese term for paintings, prints, pictures and books that explicitly depict sexual acts. This is usually understood to mean books with colored woodcuts from the Edo and Meiji periods (17th century to 1912), which usually show various positions of lovemaking for two or more people in sequences of six to twelve colored woodcuts. A particular rarity is the present, completely preserved and unique Shunga scroll, which, unlike most Shunga books, does not list one color woodcut, one erotic position after the other, but rather a coherent story - a harbinger of manga, comic, so to speak Strip and Graphic Novel - narrated: Three Japanese fishermen say goodbye to their loved ones to go fishing. They get caught in a violent storm, which they only survive with great difficulty, and save themselves on a remote island, which is inhabited exclusively by young, pretty women, as well as by an old aunt, probably the guardian of the phallic cult that is on this island is paid homage to. The sexually starved women pounce on the three fishermen, who have to use all their limbs to sexually satisfy the majority of women. Completely exhausted and faced with the looming fate of having to carry out this "labor of love" for years to come, the three fishermen seek salvation by fleeing and return to the hands of the uncertain ocean. ---.

Title: Shunga Scroll - Reprint from the early 19th century. 137" long

Author Name: unknown

Edition: Limited and numbered to 200 copies

Location Published: Berlin, Erotica Raritäten-Presse I.: 2019

Binding: Scroll in box

Book Condition: NEW

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